Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I was doing my daily chores when Stanley barked to me that a package had arrived!

I came running right away since he said it was a box from Chewy!

We knew Chewy said they were sending out a prize box to everyone who pawticipated in last month's contest.  We wondered what it could be!

Thanks #Chewy! BTW, those are the coolest bubbles ever - peanut butter flavored!  We will do a post on them later!

Murphy & Stanley

Sunday, August 13, 2017


OMD! You will NOT believe where we went last night!  We went to the county fair!  Mom said it was a good place to practice our crowd and noise exposures.  And we did PAWFECT!  

Here we are practicing our DOWN-STAY.

Mom wasn't able to get pictures cuz of all the people and activity but we got to go to the animal barns where we bumped noses with sheep!  Yes we did! We sniffed all kinds of animals AND their poops!  It was a blast!

We loved the fair!

Murphy & Stanley

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Today we got up before the sun came over the mountain and we went for our 6 mile run.  In case you are wondering why we only get to go on 1 run per week it's cuz mom lies and says we stop too much.

Sometimes a fella has to poop and I know dad likes to carry the bag of poops when we run.

Everybody stop! I see a cat!

OK, Let's go! Oh wait, Murphy is still sniffing.

Pee break!

Oops, gotta pee again!

OK, let's go!

Stop! Murphy has to sniff!

Ut oh - STOP NOW!

It was cloudy.

Stop! Murphy's thirsty!

Stop! Stanley has to pee!

Murphy has to sign his name too!

OK, ready - let's go!

Stop! Gotta check impawtent pee mail!

Stop! Another pee mail hydrant!  (In case you're wondering about all the layers of paint, the local scouts earn their Eagle Scout badges by painting hydrants.  Mom says it sounds like a way too easy project.)

OK - back at it . . . almost done!

OK, now we're pooped!

Murphy & Stanley

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bored Once Again

We are bored again.  The weather has cooled off for a few days (but only a few) and we have been going on more walkies but right now we are bored.

Mom says "Do something interesting!" and points her cell phone at us.  We think she needs to take us someplace interesting and that the pressure shouldn't be on us!

Even our stuffies are bored!  Jimmy went downstairs where all the stuffies live cuz mom wants to see if I get him to come up the stairs.

And now to make matters worse we just found out our pawrents are going to run errands - without us!

So we're protesting!  Look into my eyes mom!

So far it isn't working.  We can't wait for vacation later this month!

Bored Murphy & Stanley